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Wuhan Iron And Steel, Shougang Have Lowered 300, Billet Up 10, A Mess!Who Can Heal The Heartstring That The Businessman Moves Restlessly?
- Dec 24, 2018 -

Wuhan iron and steel, shougang have lowered 300, billet up 10, a mess!Who can heal the heartstring that the businessman moves restlessly?

Thursday is known as super Thursday, when the federal reserve meets to announce results.The meeting officially begins Tuesday eastern time.This is a major event that will determine the direction of the dollar and global capital markets this year and in the next year or two, and December's rate hike is very important.So that affects the spot.Steel market in the near future or still may appear wide adjustment.

Today, finished products perform relatively better than raw materials:

Early tangshan small narrow strip steel mill with billet pull up 10 yuan smooth transaction after 10-20 yuan;

Profile market in the early stability of the decline, the low price of resources turnover warmer part began to rise;

Spiral opening to the stability of the main intraday individual resources up 10 yuan;

Period of snail open quotation continuation night dish concussion slant is strong trend, go up nevertheless lunch break dish comes back after dish however begin to appear a wave of small diving, dish face turns green from this;But it bounced back in the afternoon.Billet is pulled at first in early dish go up 10 yuan hind send not beautiful directly, but as futures drive spot upturn, spot trades a deal to 3440 yuan basically at factory price send even.