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Why Do This Hot Melt Connection
- Jan 14, 2019 -

After fastening in place, the FDS nail will be maintained for a period of time, under the action of rotating torque, producing a pre-tightening force, which can improve the reliability of thread connection, anti-loose ability and thread fatigue strength, enhance the tightness and rigidity of connection.

The question is, now the automobile industry's connection technology is also many, why do this connection?

Now more and more automobile companies begin to apply the steel-aluminum mixed body frame structure, using aluminum profiles, aluminum stamping parts, aluminum castings, as well as engineering plastics and composite materials such as carbon fiber parts, combined with a variety of ultra-high strength steel plate, instead of traditional steel plate components or components, to achieve the lightweight body frame structure and high strength.

In the automotive industry, the main ways to connect aluminum are the traditional mechanical fastening SPR (self-punching riveting technology) and resistance spot welding RSW.SPR is a robust and replaceable process, but due to the need for a variety of rivet - riveting die combination, equipment costs expensive;Although resistance spot welding technology is mature and high economy, but it can not connect heterogeneous metals.Both processes require bilateral accessibility, which severely limits the design.