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Screw New Realm: Hot Melt Fastening Technology, Mercedes And BMW Are In Use!
- Jan 07, 2019 -

Screw new realm: hot melt fastening technology, Mercedes and BMW are in use!

There is a kind of hot melt fastening technology in the fastener industry, which does not need pre-opening and can be connected by tapping directly under the closed profile. It is increasingly used in the automobile industry.

This hot melt fastening technology is a cold forming process in which the high-speed rotation of the motor is conducted through the tightening shaft at the center of the equipment to the plate to be connected to generate heat and generate plastic deformation through friction.

At the beginning of tightening process, the hot melt screw is placed on the surface of aluminum plate or thin steel plate without pre-drilling. The high-speed rotating screw exerts high pressure on the surface of the workpiece, and at the same time produces extremely high friction heat to melt the metal.Then, the top of the screw penetrates the material to form a hole, and gradually begins tapping. Once the thread is formed, the screw is tightened according to the preset torque.