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Industrial Application Of Screws
- Jul 30, 2018 -

The main purpose is to make the composition of industrial products as a whole, in use often occurs between teeth and teeth can not be dense, too hard to lock the screw head off, or bad teeth lock, etc. can not meet the conditions of use, are the quality of precision problems. Screws are "quantity products", not hand-made works of art, in a large number of production, in order to achieve high precision and stability of the quality and popular prices for consumers for the purpose of supply. The accuracy of the screws is usually 6g grade (2, the United States "IFI" for 2A teeth), the construction of the coarse screw for the project is 8g class (3, "IFI" for 1 a tooth). The value of the screws is very important, there are examples of the failure of the automobile factory due to the poor quality of screws, as well as examples of aircraft crashes and vehicle subversion due to poor quality of screws.