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Hot Melt Fastening Connection Process And Process Description
- Jan 11, 2019 -

Hot melt fastening connection process and process description, including six stages: rotation (heating) penetration through hole tapping thread twist thread fastening.

At the initial stage, the high speed rotating motor driven screw contact surface, and to impose downward axial stress, axial force of up to 1.5 kN, rotation speed of up to 8000 RPM), screw head and the friction on the surface of the sheet metal and generate heat, the temperature is between 600 ~ 900 ℃, and basically near the screw metal rapid softening, heating materials along the drill taper extending upwards.

When the FDS screw penetrates the material, most of the hot-melt sheet metal parts will flow to the lower part of the borehole to form a metal bushing with thickness of 1~3 times. The inner surface of the bushing will form meshing thread and tighten under the action of screw thread of FDS screw.The entire processing process only needs 1~6s to complete the fastening connection effect, and the torque can reach 15Nm.