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Fastener Enterprise Aspirations: The Customer Left Because The Quality Of Bolts , Will Never Come Back
- Dec 17, 2018 -

Fastener enterprise aspirations: The customer left because the quality of bolts , will never come back

When I established the fastener, I found many customers are very interesting.Customer want to purchase a batch of bolt, looked for his brother to supervise, look for layman to consult again, look for a competitor to give proposal again!Finally, use your own money to purchase a batch of what others think are "good bolts".

This is a common situation!After contact with many bolt customers, I also found that: many bolt customers have two major interests: and high-end bolts always talk about price;Talk about quality with low-end bolt!

Sometimes, bolt customers will say: "XXX bolt are similar as yours, and the price is also better than yours " but the same, does not mean that is the same.