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Use performance of Screws
- Jul 30, 2018 -

If we are going to use a screw, then the first thing we have to do is to understand the performance of the Screw, which is its characteristics, so that we can use the screws in the right place. Because there are many kinds of screws, in these screws, the performance of each screw is not the same, so the screws have a different use of the place.

To avoid our faulty use of screws, we must have a certain understanding of the performance of the screws so that we can use the screws in the correct place. First of all, let's take a look at the self tapping screws, for tapping screws with a diameter of 0.8mm to 12mm. For this type of screws are generally with very high hardness, tapping screws to be screwed into the test, that is, screw into a test version, and then check the hardness of the screws to meet the standard, if not the standard needs to analyze the problem where?

In order to find a solution. There is also a drill tail screws, as the name suggests is generally the end of the screw tail, the shape of the screws, the hardness is very strong, compared to the ordinary screws, not only to maintain the ability to better, in the connection of the object of the effect is very strong, for this performance of the screws, generally do not need to assist processing, Can be directly on the object to drill a hole directly into the object, not only the use of very convenient, but also can greatly improve the efficiency of the work.

This drill tail screws in various fields can be said to be the preferred staff.

From the above we can find that we are using the screws on the performance of various screws is very important to understand.

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