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Type of Nut
- Jul 30, 2018 -

The NUT is the part that connects the mechanical equipment tightly, through the inner thread, the same size nut and bolt can be connected together, For example, the m4-p0.7 nut can only be connected with a m4-p0.7 series of bolts (in the nut, M4 the diameter of the nut is approximately 4mm,0.7 the distance between two threaded teeth is 0.7mm); American products are the same, for example, 1/4-20 nuts can only be paired with 1/4-20 screws (1/

The 4 finger nut has an inner diameter of about 0.25 inches, and 20 refers to 20 teeth in each inch.

Stainless steel:

self-locking nut, anti-pine nut, lock nut, four-claw nut, screw nut nut, fine rod screw connection nut, self-locking hexagon cover nut, special foot screw nut, hexagonal crown-shaped nut, rings nut.

Fine tooth all-metal hexagonal flange face lock nut, all-metal hexagon flange lock nut, fine tooth non-metallic inserts hexagon flange lock nut, fine tooth hexagon flange nut

Welding square nuts, welded hexagon nuts, fastening nuts, embedded round nuts

Round nuts with grooved rounded nuts, side with holes, round nuts with hole, end face, small round nuts

Round nut, ring nut, butterfly nut

Copper Material:

Copper nut, inlaid copper nut, rolling copper nut, inlaid copper nut, injection copper nut, etc.


Zinc-copper alloy nuts, etc.