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Standard basis for Nuts
- Jul 30, 2018 -

Nut according to the main attributes are GB (GB), German standard (DIN), International Standards (ISO), Japanese Standard (JIS), American Standard (ASTM/ANSI) and other standards.

Among them, GB, German standard, Japanese standard with M (for example, M8, M16), U.S., British, and the score or # to represent specifications (such as 8#, 10#, 1/4, 3/8).

Common national standard of nuts

Gb41ⅰ type hexagon nuts--c Grade

Gb6170Ⅰ Hexagon Nuts--a, Grade B

Gb6171Ⅰ Hexagon nuts-fine teeth-A, B-Class

GB6172 Hexagon thin Nut--a, B-chamfer

GB6173 hexagon Thin nuts--fine teeth--A, B-Class

GB6174 Hexagon Thin Nut--b-non-chamfer

Gb6175Ⅱ Hexagon Nuts--a, Grade B

Gb6176Ⅱ type Hexagon nuts--fine teeth--A, B-Class

GB6177 Hexagon NUTS-Grade A

GB55 Hexagon THICK Nut

GB56 hex-thick nuts GB1229 Large hex Nut (high strength for steel structure)