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Screw technological process(三)
- Oct 22, 2018 -

4. Grinding process

Thread rolling process: the cold upset blank thread, through the interaction between the movable tooth plate and the fixed tooth plate, to shape the tooth pattern.

5. Heat treatment process

01. Purpose:

In order to make the screw after cold heading to obtain higher hardness and strength

02. Effect:

Realize self - tapping and locking of metal

Improve the mechanical properties of metal parts, such as torsion resistance, tension resistance, wear resistance

03. Categories:

A. annealing (700 ℃ x 4 hr) : stretch the organization, the regular polygon.

C. Tempering heat treatment (do not add elements to the metal to change the internal structure of the metal with the change of temperature to obtain better mechanical properties)

6. Electroplating process

After electroplating the product surface may present the desired color effect and the surface anti-oxidation coating effect.