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Moisture-proof measures for screws
- Jul 30, 2018 -

If the iron screws get wet, or be soaked in liquid. In the case of being damp and so on, it will be very likely to rust.

So To prevent the screws from rusting, we have to damp the screws. So how to the screw moisture-proof and wet treatment it! 

Screw moisture-proof and wet method is as follows: 

(1), vibration machinery as far as possible with solvent-free paint. 

(2), preferably the use of non-oxidizing ingredients of impregnating paint, such as epoxy urethane (Epoxy-urethane) or non-denatured epoxy (epoxy-) base impregnating paint. 

(3), the use of melamine alkyd impregnating varnish, should adjust curing temperature and curing time, curing temperature of slightly more than 130 ℃ (such as 135 ℃) and curing time is more than 180min appropriate, and must strictly carry out the process, especially in the high-temperature humid season, rotary vibration screen because from the concept of rust, Paint factory samples In the prescribed paint drying (curing) time, and not necessarily sufficient, the motor has specific intrinsic shape. 

(4), using the paint without volatile acid. 

(5), choose the good hydrolysis resistance of the paint.