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Embedded Nut
- Jul 30, 2018 -

Copper nuts made from various embossing wires (typically lead brass, such as H59, 3604, 3602). Our daily contact with the embedded rolling copper nuts are used in precision automatic lathe processing.

The reference standard of the embedded rolling copper nut is from GB gb/t809. The main operating mode of the embedded copper nut is injection molding, after heating into the plastic parts or directly mold injection, if the use of mold injection, pa/nyloy/pet of the melting point above 200°c, embedded nuts by hot melt into the plastic parts after the temperature quickly become high, after injection molding, the plastic body rapidly cooled crystallization hardening, If the embedded nut temperature is still in high temperature, it is possible to fall to the copper nut and plastic parts where the contact began to loose or cracks.

So in the injection molding of the embedded nut, the copper nut is used instead of the carbon steel nut. The external pattern of the embedded copper nut is formed in two ways, one is to use the copper raw material to draw the flower to produce on the equipment, in general this way of pulling pattern road for straight lines, the other is the use of light round copper material directly in the production process edge tapping edge, such processing can produce some non-standard size of the rolling copper nut

, the shape of the embedded copper nut embossing can be selected with the user, such as the net pattern, the character embossing, embossing and so on all kinds of rolling pattern road.