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Basic knowledge of screw
- Sep 20, 2018 -

一. Basic knowledge of screw

Terminology of A screw

1. Differences between screws, nuts, nuts, bolts, screws and stud

The standard says there are no screws and nuts.

Screw is commonly known, with external thread can be called "screw".

Nuts are usually hexagonal in shape, and internal holes are threaded to fit the bolts and tighten the relevant parts.

Nuts are commonly known as "nuts".

The head of the bolt is usually hexagonal, and the rod has external threads.

The screw is small, the head has flat head, cross first class, and the rod has external screw.

Stud should be actually called "double - headed stud", both ends have external threads, the middle is usually polished rod.The long end of the thread is used to connect with the deep hole, and the short end is connected with the nut.