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Anti-corrosion Technology of screws
- Jul 30, 2018 -

Stainless steel screws are made of metal, and metal corrosion prevention methods are mainly four aspects, that is, the nature of the material itself, the environment in which it is used, the interface between the data and the environment, and the design of the improved metal structure, the use of a complete anti-corrosion alloy to make stainless steel screws, unless there is a special need, is not practical in the economic sense, Or the appearance of the screws to produce corrosion of the environmental elements of the complete isolation, in practice, it may not work, can be very difficult.

Improved metal structural design can in some circumstances improve the impact of special circumstances, but the design of most stainless steel screws can not be fully modified, and its maintenance is not the eternal, so this method can not be the basic treatment of problems, as long as the interface of the anti-corrosion, that is, the surface of the anti-corrosion treatment is currently the most widely used approach.

Stainless steel screws external corrosion treatment refers to the use of various methods in the metal surface to apply maintenance layer, its role is to isolate the metal and corrosive environment to suppress the formation of corrosion process, or reduce the corrosive medium and metal appearance contact, and to avoid or reduce corrosion.